Galerie Schlégl
MINERVASTRASSE 119, CH-8032 ZÜRICH, TEL +41 44 383 49 63

Lars Strandh

19. September - 31. Oktober 2009

"It is possible to lose oneself in the spacious areas suggestive of water and air. The illusion is within reach for anyone willing to see it. As viewer you can shift perspectives, recall and revoke the mirage. You can turn the 'perception switch' back and forth, depending on what you wish to see. Neither perspective takes priority over the other. The two ways of viewing the paintings are equally weighted, producing an ambiguity the artist does not want to clear up. The artist paints his works with a 'double brush', thereby declaring a pragmatism that releases him from the tenets of any manifesto. It is a language of having it both ways, which identifies him with current artistic realities."

Per Gunnar Tverbakk